My thoughts on Stannis and how they changed his character.

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Wouldn’t it be really awesome if Dany or Jon turn out to be Azor Ahai or the Prince who was Promised, but it doesn’t matter anyway because Stannis already defeated the Others by non-supernatural means?

I mean, the Dragonstone storyline could have been much better with characterization that’s a little more book-like, more lines from the book, and a little less softcore porn, but I’m so used to just rolling my eyes whenever those scenes come up that what we got on last night’s episode was enough to make me satisfied, for now.

That scene, for all of us to enjoy.

I feel like they didn’t make Stannis gloomy and solemn enough. He shouldn’t be seeing anyone but Mel at this point, not even Davos. He doesn’t seem any sadder than he was in the last season.

Bringing this back again because I feel it’s been too-long forgotten.

If every man wanted to kiss Davos that night

then that means Stannis, at one point in his life, wanted to kiss Davos

So they’ve released a new version of the ASOIAF mod for Crusader Kings II, and this one finally includes the War of the Five Kings. So, naturally, I decided to download it and play as Stannis (who else?).

So this is Stannis in the game, and you can see Selyse besides him. Apparently I start besieging Storm’s End.

This ought to be interesting.

So Renly died at the hands of Mel’s magic, and I’ve now inherited the Stormlands. 

Here’s Davos BTW.

Robb died, it seems. The King in the North is now Bran.

So this is an interesting event. It just that somebody should tell the modders to specify where, otherwise ANY_ALL happens. And you may or may not notice it, but her grandfather on her mother’s side and grandfather on her father’s side are the same person. Hurrah for Targaryen incest!

So Mance died or something, and the Land Beyond the Wall splintered to several smaller independent wildling states. Craster died and one of his wives succeeded him. 

YESSS. I’ve besieged King’s Landing and beaten Joff and won the war (against the Lannisters, at least). I’m now at war with the North, though, so it’s not all over.

Hard is the word men used when they spoke of Stannis Baratheon.
Stannis has a constant erection!